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MIND Inc. was founded by experienced global business leaders that, through their own life experience, have had the opportunity to develop a deeply empathetic perspective and understanding of the difficulties people face in accessing the important tools, strategies, and techniques needed to improve overall understanding of the mind & body in order to significantly increase their quality of life.

Staggeringly, due to cost, time, or geography, only 20% of people actually get the right professional help required to fully understand emotional needs. Self-development and psychotherapy are no longer taboo topics. The challenge now becomes one of practicality.

MIND Inc. addresses these challenges head on. We are doing so by increasing transparency of what the right treatment looks like by creating better awareness of underlying symptoms and best matching these with a blended solution plan. We are doing this in a way that addresses affordability and is optimized for rapid impact.  

Our unique and groundbreaking approach is disrupting and transforming mental and emotional fitness and wellbeing in a revolutionary way. 

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Bridging the gap between affordable mental fitness and wellbeing and reliable quality therapy treatment.



Imagine a world where everyone has inner peace, a clear and strong emotional awareness and control.     All the time.   Its the ultimate power and freedom we all seek.   At MIND, Inc, this is our compass.  

In removing existing emotional barriers, we safely guide our mind to a world free of fear and ego, and one filled with peace and purpose.  

To bring inner peace to all, in a way that is safe, affordable help you live your best life.   We harness all tools, resources and professional knowledge available to help you achieve this.  We are always growing. 



MIND Inc is responding to the call to action.   The world we live in is motivated by qualities that are breaking down society.  Fear and ego being the driving forces.  

The ultimate defence against the negative components of the world in which we live in is controlling our own mind and destiny.  Yet MIND. Inc, recognize, the current methods simply dont work.  We lack the money, time, experience, training or even awareness of need to make these changes,.  

MIND Inc have responded to this.  Join us to learn more

MIND inc

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